Alumni Coordinators


To all alumni,

For 50 years of existence, our ALMA MATER SAHS has remained stable, strong, and self-relieant in the pursuit of its own vision and mission to provide quality education and to help shape one's future in their chosen endeavors. The success of the school is achieved through hard work, dedication and cooperation of the management and faculty with their partnership with the PTCA and the alumni association itself in the attainment of noteworthy achievements in terms of projects.

We take this opportunity to congratulate each and everyone with the successful commemoration GOLDEN JUBILLE (50th Year Anniversary) of the school. As alumni of SAHS, we are happy that our alma mater still exists to provide the same environment of education that we enjoyed in the past.

The Grand Alumni Homecoming held last Decemeber 2005 was sponsored and hosted by class batches 1966, 1976, 1986 and 1996. Following the series and formula started in this year, it looks like that sponsors/hosts for the golden jubilee celebration were the 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007 graduates. At present, another Alumni Homecoming is on the process of planning. Everyone is being invited to continue update themselves of what's happening with the Alumni. Be proud of the coming works as the school staffs is looking forward to work with you in the coming days. 

Your positive response will certainly be part of the school's joy, glory, and success. Students at hand would be inspired to become and surely reward them in myriad ways. 

Batch or Class Coordinators

1966     Vicenta Galeng
1967     Angelita Dup-et
1968     Evelyn Litilit
1969     Norma Caligtan
1970     Alfred Samdao
1971     Fructosa Dup-et
1972     Clover Killip Jr.
1973     Eduardo Palicos 
1974     Mauricio Bumakil
1975     Elizabeth Taytayan
1976     Narcisa Galutan
1977     Beverly Ann Baliang
1978     Lydia Plomen
1979     Carolina Amoy
1980     Marcelita Paredes
1981     Consolata Camodas
1982     Engracia Pagat
1983     Proserpina Paredes
1984     Amelia Ospick
1985     Rose Macario
1986     Ben Samidan
1987     Mary Jane Dup-et
1988     Theodore Velasco
1989     Christine Batiagao
1990     Romel Likigan
1991     Julius Jimenez
1992     Castor Wacangan
1993     Isabel Buanzi
1994     Patricio Macario Jr.
1995     Nelia Bernardez
1996     Jocelyn Papat-ew
1997     Ezel Baucas
1998     Julius Fiao-ag
1999     Daisy Dalog
2000     Denver Puyongan
2001     Alma Jean Roux
2002     Jenny Dominguez
2003     Maria Felina Gut-omen
2004     Jhozel Kim Dominguez
2005     Cheyzer Arvi Sally
2006     Kara Adette Moises
2007     Marianne Elza Billao
2008     Saul Gino Killip
2009     Jayvee Dyne C. Dominguez
2010     Reese Y. Bondad 
2011     Purple B. Gonzaga

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