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SAHS envisions a collaborative learning environment of which the whole school community learns to its optimal potential so to sustain academic excellence in its programs that is nourished by a caring-learning society.
With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of San Alfonso de Ligorio, SAHS as local bearer of Catholic education, soars to continue the Christian educational heritage in the integral formation of its stake holders.

WE, the members of the San Alfonso High School family commit to participate in the Basic Ecclesial Community thrust of the Church that adheres to communal sharing of religious leaderships and responsibilities; hence, we carry out our VOICES.

V = VALUE FORMATION– Christian ethics as the center of religious instruction which is the core discipline in the curriculum help students and the members of the community nurture their faith, grow in love in order to serve God and fellowmen. Thus, the formation aims to serve the recipients and the less privilege students the guidance services, scholarships and other resources and programs that are within reach.
O = OUTREACH PROGRAMObservable school outreach programs plays greater function in the pursuit of realizing apostolic services. This cultivates in the school and community the aptitude to go into society to work as Christian leaders, lively responding to the requisites of the Church and humanity while sharing its physical resources to civic advantages and extending its hands to other social involvement for the communal interests like the monthly community service.
I = INTEGRAL FORMATION Involves spiritual, intellectual, and character formations that forms attitude. While ultimately the whole school community shares responsibility for their own growth, the commitment, perseverance, and care on the part of the faculty and staff is indispensable.
C = CULTURALLY ROOTEDCulture based curriculum is at par a struggle to bring classroom instructions within the reach of students’ comprehension and appreciation of their own cultural legacies. It involves the whole school community in the various activities like the culmination of the Schools of Living Tradition convention which exposes them on the indigenous practices and traditions in the field of Science, Agriculture, Religion, Business, and Arts.
E = EXCELLENCEExcelling to continuous re-tooling practices that are gained through various advance learning programs characterize a striving effort for excellence which results to an apparent and innovative learning outcomes. SAHS holds fast its door to such advancement as indicator of quality and Catholic education.
S = SKILLS AND COMPETENCESensitivity of the school in adopting competencies base on educational standard underscores skills and competence of the constituents so to survive in the global community. Moreover, school community’s effort to become responsive to the signs of time is an indication of nurtured educational heritage and other programs relative to the growth of the curriculum.

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