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Medical-Dental Mission highlights 2012 Alumni Homecoming
Dingsai Hope B. Puyongan on 06/26/2012 at 2:38am (UTC)
 Alumni homecomings are not necessarily partying, gaming and socializations but to come together and share back to the home place the product of its labour, its children’s skills and talents.

This is proven by the SAHS Alumni Association when it made the Medical-Dental Mission the center and highlight of the Homecoming held on March 18, 2012. Over 300 senior citizens and young adults were served wherein 264 benefited from the free medical check-up and treatment while 51 patients in the dental services. An extension of the services was also done in Pingad on March 27, 2012.

Said free medical-dental mission was headed by alumni doctors headed by Dr. Victoria Bagayas Ban-eg, Dr. Valentina Bagayas Biddic, Dr. Gloria Besoy, Dr. Yvonne Budod Gatawa, Dr. Zaida Ched Danag, and Med. Tech. Jade Badungen. They were assisted by alumni nurses, medical practitioners and volunteers.

With the theme “Keeping up with the Dreams, Keeping up with the Times,” the day’s activities was started with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Sammy Maximo followed by the symbolic tree planting of two Indian tree in front of the priest’s building. The medical dental mission was done in the auditorium of SAHS during which parlor games was done in the basketball court.
The Association took advantage of the rare opportunity to meet together to finally draft an Alumni CBL and elect new set of officers which was done in the seminar hall after lunch. After long hours of deliberation, a CBL has been adopted and ratified and officers have been elected into office.
Elected officers are as follows: Mrs. Proserphina Pacyado, President; Mr. Theodore M. Velasco, Internal Vice President and Chairman of the Membership Committee; Dr. Valentina Biddic, External Vice President and Chairman of the Solicitation Committee; SAHS Faculty, Secretariat; and Mr. Cedric Rommel Likigan, Treasurer.

For the chapter presidents: Supang-Data – Mr. Lucas Mangigil, Tambingan – Mr. Estingbreat Bulahao, Lagan – Mrs. Shirley Antonio, Dogo-Lalagim – Mrs. Susan Socyawan, Todey – Mrs. Elizabeth Billao, Calalasan-Guinawang-Dalolog – Mrs. Germy Laguiwed, Lengey – Mr. Gabriel Puyongan, Losad – Mrs. Maria Da-o, Area 3 – Mrs. Delia Ladyong, Area 4 – Mrs. Vilma Dallog, Bontoc – Mrs. Irene Del Rosario, Bauko – Mrs. Annabelle de Vera, Baguio – Mrs. Rhiamar Angel Galiega, Overseas – Mrs. Maura Espirita Cam-ed Gasmena.
The officers were formally installed and had their oath taking during the Baccalaureate Mass for SAHS Graduates on March 27, 2012.

SAHS awards 2012 achievers; 66 seniors receive diploma
builder's desk on 06/26/2012 at 2:37am (UTC)
 Out of sixty-eight (68) enrollees in June, 2011, thirty two (32) boys and thirty four (34) girls for a total of 66 seniors made it to finally obtain their diploma during the 46th Commencement Exercises held in SAHS grounds on March 28, 2012. With the theme “Bonded by friendship…We’ll Pass Every Test,” the graduates together with their proud parents and guardians marched the Aida’s March with smile and pride.

Rachelle T. Balatao, a student from Supang, Sabangan, is the Batch 2012 Valedictorian. In her valedictory address, she gave high reverence to the role of their parents, guardian and teachers to their success. She also dedicated a song for their folks.

Other awardees for the fourth year class are the following: Audrey Dwayne D. Buslotan, Salutatorian; Ivy S. Cayabas, First Honorable Mention; Roselle Mae B. Cacap, 2nd Honorable Mention; Louie Nor P. Calag, 3rd Honorable Mention, and Dingsai Hope B. Puyongan, Chenita G. Paloging, Monica B. Emilio, Mary jay P. Depalog, Cherry Ann B. Puyongan, and Jendy Jane Z. Dominguez, with honors.

Leadership awards were also given to the following: Dingsai Hope B. Puyongan, St. Alfonso M. de Ligorio Award (Community Involvement); Louie Nor P. Calag, Bro. Alfonso Van Roey Award (School Activities); and Verlyn D. Ayodoc, Rev. Andre Deldaele Award (Church Activities). Recognitions were also given to graduating SSS Officers.

The academic achievers for the lower years are as follows:

Third Years: Lorraine Sophia B. Bongloy, Nhel Jhen P. Buanzi, Lesterel C. Kidit, Rhalyn B. Cacap, Sandra B. Saley, Sacha Natalie G. Sannad, Archie Val Saley, Jennifer Kitongan, and Ariel Renz Evangelista.

Second Years: Shiella G. Tomlayen, Roberto P. Buanzi III, Stephanie Janne B. Belgica, Bren B. Boguilis, Kimberly D. Acosta, Randa A. Ancheta, Rexy Ann D. Da-o, Donalyn A. Daday and Lorecill D. Balangge.

First Years: Sheldeen C. Kidit, Wanda Grace P. Chugsayan, Donnabelle K. Ondong, Daryl A. Daday, Vira Mae G. Lopez, Demi Ann B. Gut-omen, Trisha Ross L. Antonio, Kendal S. Cayabas, Leizle G. Tomlayen and Almira Fay A. Puyongan.

The 66 graduates were accepted into the Alumni Association by Mr. Theodore M. Velasco, Vice President and Chair, Committee on Membership.

Fr. Balacuit graces 2012 Commencement Exercises
builder's desk on 06/26/2012 at 2:36am (UTC)
 “Do you want San Alfonso High School to continue? Yes or No?”

Fr. Francis Balacuit, Superintendent of Vicariate School of Bontoc-Lagawe, asks both parents and students in his talk during the 46th Commencement Exercises on March 28, 2012. It is the first time that the Superintendent graced such school program with his presence. He also confirmed the 66 candidates for graduation to become full pledged graduates of the school.

Fr. Balacuit has been attending all graduation ceremonies in the Mt. Province District not just to show support but also to explain the K+12 program which will be effective next school year. He said that first years who will be second years this June are allowed to graduate with the present curriculum but incoming freshmen will be the first to enter the K+12 program.

According to the new curriculum, after grade six, students will have to attend four years of junior high school and another two years of senior high school. Thus, aside from the required kindergarten, basic education in the country will now be 12 years.

In giving the above mentioned challenge to students and parents, he explained that the school needs more support because of the implementation of the K+12 program. While it aims to raise the competitiveness of Filipino students, it provided initial problems to all schools in the country like how to provide more classrooms and teachers, books, technical equipments and others.

“We need you to help campaign for our catholic schools so that it can continue to provide the kind of education that is not available in public schools,” he said.

Alumni-PTA acquires 13 computer units
builder's desk on 06/26/2012 at 2:35am (UTC)
 Every student should have a chance to manipulate a computer since we are in the computer age.

This seems to be the thought playing in the mind of Mrs. Proserphina Pacyado, president of the newly reorganized SAHS Alumni Association, to compel her to purchase 13 units of brand new computers for students’ use. After deliberating with the present and previous officers of the PTA and Alumni Association, Mrs. Pacyado utilized the proceeds of the 2009 Golden Jubilee fund raising activities. The total amount of the computers is Php 213,000.000. A balance of Php 65,000.00 is left in the Golden Jubilee Account of which Php50, 000.00 has been allotted for the printing of the long-awaited souvenir book.

“It was originally planned that the proceeds of the 2009 Golden Jubilee Fund Raising activity will be used for any immediate needs of the school. When we explain that only few computers are now functioning and is the immediate need of the students, the PTA and Alumni decided to purchase additional units,” said Mr. Rodolfo M. Pepe, Jr., school principal. “I am grateful that the Alumni and PTA has always been generous in providing help to technical needs of the school.”

“We are extending our sincere gratitude to all alumni who in any way are lending their hands in all endeavors and projects of the Association,” always says Mrs. Pacyado when reporting the latest project during alumni meetings. “I hope that you will not get weary in helping future projects.”

To support more projects for the school, the Alumni Association has distributed more solicitation letters since January and February. Final submission and accounting of proceeds has not yet been set although the initial agreement was on March 18, 2012 during the alumni homecoming.

It can be remembered that the Association is also responsible for the changing of the roof beam of the school and the purchase of 10 units of computers in 2005, to cite a few of the Alumni accomplishments for SAHS.

SLT arises anew, SAHS hosts 4th Convention
Luvdeveca Angeles and Verlyn Ayodoc on 06/26/2012 at 2:33am (UTC)
 After two years of slumber, the Mountain Province private schools’ version of cultural festival hailed as School of Living Traditions Convention, kicks off anew when the long awaited 4th Convention was finally realized on January 25 – 28, 2012. San Alfonso High School hosts the event with the significant theme “Inculturation towards sustainable development and peace.”
“We remember that the 4th Convention should have been executed in Sabangan in 2009 but because of unavoidable circumstances, the well planned program has slept till it was decided to be continued this school year,” said Mr. Rodolfo M. Pepe, Jr., school principal.
Members of the said convention are San Alfonso High School, Bauko Catholic School, Holy Rosary High School of Kayan, Saint Vincent’s School of Bontoc (Elementary and High School Department) and Immaculate Heart High School of Natonin, which has just joined the convention for the first time and also happily conceded to be the host of the 5th SLT Convention in Natonin.
In the three day convention, participants from the five participating schools actively performed in all activities such as Street Dancing, Cultural Presentation, Indigenous Cooking, Literary-Musical Showcasing, Poster Making, and Indigenous Games and in Modern Sports. A symposium has also been participated by with Dr. Leonardo L. Samonte of Benguet State University as the guest speaker. An exhibit of school projects and researches was also done in the school auditorium.
During the awarding ceremony, SAHS received the Most Dynamic Award for Street Dancing, Most Creative Award for the Cultural Presentation, and Second Place in Indigenous Cooking and Fourth Place in the Poster Making. They were also victorious in the basketball matches although not lucky in the volleyball games. The Indigenous Lit-Mus were non-contested.
Fr. Samuel Maximo, Rector and Chair of the Steering Committee, extended his sincere thanks to all who provided support for the success of the event most especially to the PTA, the Alumni, Municipal and Barangay Officials, Donors and the community during the Sunday masses.

LGU career guidance delights senior students
Rachelle T. Balatao on 06/26/2012 at 2:32am (UTC)
 “I really am not sure what path to take after graduation, but because of the career guidance offered by the visiting LGU officials, I think my vision is becoming clearer to me. It helps a lot!” says Chenita Paloging, a 4th year student, after listening to the two separate career guidance given by Hon. Ernesto Bondad and Mr. Gabriel Moguet on August 2, 2011 and in March, 2012, respectively.
Both LGU officials reminded the students that the main walls that will prevent them to attain their goals in life are negative vices, misguided friends, and early relationships, among others.


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